This one is easy. If you’re a SaaS business and feel the need to send an NPS survey to your customers to measure their “satisfaction” then its time to change some things.

NPS is not a SaaS metric – a vanity metric as best, at worst a false measure of positive momentum.

We’ve already established that product experience drives growth, so why are we still sending an outdated survey to measure customer satisfaction!? In a product-led growth model you need to have clear visibility into specific and meaningful customer engagement metrics:

  1. Have your customers completed activation and achieved value?
  2. How often do your customer’s login?
  3. How much time do they spend in your app?
  4. What percent of total features have they adopted?
  5. Have they invited other team members into your app? Are they active?
  6. Has there been any noticeable change in recent behavior?
  7. Are they advocating for you on social? Have they agreed to a case study?

These data points should provide you with all the information you need to quickly spot a troubled account and fix it.

What you’re looking for is full adoption and regular usage of your product. Evidence that your customers are reliant on your product and using it to complete the core functions of their job.

If you’re a SaaS business and you don’t understand the behavior that drives satisfaction and growth, spend some time figuring that out and things will get much clearer.

Check out The Beginners Guide to Product Led Growth and learn how to plan, execute, and measure a product-led growth strategy for your SaaS business.

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