B2B Marketing Leadership with Eric Keating


Eric Keating is a B2B Marketing leader who takes a great deal of pride in his responsibility to provide Marketing Leadership to his team. He is a great example of the type of marketing leader you want to work for, have as a mentor, and/or collaborate with.

Eric is an experienced go-to-market business leader who has held various B2B marketing leadership roles at companies such as Compete, Kantar, and Zaius. He is currently VP of Marketing at Appcues, a company that is on the front lines of the Product Led Growth movement, helping businesses to deliver personalized onboarding, drive feature adoption, collect in-app feedback, and more.

In this episode, Eric shares a number of stories that have had an impact on his career path, discusses the importance of building a team of people you enjoy being around, the responsibility that comes along with marketing leadership and managing people, the skills and mindset that he looks for in marketing candidates, and a number of other SaaS B2B Marketing topics.

Working in Marketing for early-stage B2B businesses can be difficult. There is a lot of change, you’re often operating in the unknown, and for these and other reasons it’s nor for everyone.

If you’re considering a career in B2B Startup Marketing give a listen to this episode to get a perspective on:

  • Desirable skills for B2B Marketers
  • The type of Marketing Leadership to look for when considering opportunities
  • The mindset and attitude needed to succeed in startup life

If you’re just getting started with B2B marketing and are interested in learning about how to build a successful B2B Marketing Strategy check out this recent article on B2B Marketing Strategy and Tactics. In the article, I talk about what B2B Marketing is and define the 4 Pillars of a Successful B2B Marketing Strategy.

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