Marketing Career Advice with Jerry Bernhart


If you’re a Digital Marketing Professional, chances are you’re connected with or have seen a post from @JerryBernhart. And, if you’re actively looking for opportunities to advance your marketing career, or assess your current marketing skills and experience I highly recommend you get in touch with Jerry.

Jerry has been recruiting Digital Marketing Executives for over 30 years.

  • He has over 30,000 LinkedIn Followers,
  • Runs a LinkedIn Group with over 12,000 Members, 
  • Is a Career Coach for Digital Marketers, and
  • Is the Author of “Careers in e-Commerce and Digital Marketing”

In this episode Jerry shares his expertise in career planning, preparing for an interview, how to answer tough interview questions, remote work trends, how to present yourself as an appealing candidate, in-demand digital marketing skills, and the importance of continuously acquiring new skills.

Throughout the interview Jerry provides insights and shares stories for proactively planning your marketing career based on over 30 years of experience identifying and recruiting top marketing talent.

Jerry is a master at his craft and has a lot of really helpful tips for both employers and employees. One thing that I found to be really interesting is that 95% of the candidates Jerry places were not looking for new opportunities when he contacted them … meaning Jerry is sourcing 95% of the candidates he places!

If you’re looking for new opportunities he’s your guy! Hit him up on LinkedIn.

” 95% of the people I place were not Actively looking when I recruited them. Case closed… ” – Jerry Bernhart

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