Of course, marketing is about the customer, and product led growth is about the relationship your customers have with your product.

So why is so much marketing still all about what you’re selling, rather than why you’re selling it or what your product is going to do for your customer?

B2B sales teams get this—it’s all about conveying value and relating your product to pain that your prospect is currently experiencing.

It goes something like this: Identify the pain, convey value, turn your prospect into an internal champion, enable him/her to distribute your value to their internal team, acquire numbers on the inside, identify the decision-maker, and go in for the kill.

That whole pre-sale process is all marketing, being done by sales-people.

If salespeople get this, why do so many marketers always start with features—If benefits are what sell, shouldn’t we start there!?

Of course we should…

As marketers, we’re selling ideas and dreams. Wants and desires. Solutions to problems. A better version of yourself. A mindset. A different way of thinking. A lifestyle…

It doesn’t matter what it is, or how it does it. Not at first… What matters is that it relieves my pain, or solves my problem as quickly as possible.

Marketing is Sales, and Sales is Marketing. You will not be successful in either discipline if you don’t understand what motivates your prospect, and message to them accordingly.

People buy benefits, not features.

It works. Try it.

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