Growth Marketing Resources for B2B SaaS

growth marketing resources

Growth marketing is one of those terms that came about to put more emphasis on b2b marketing programs that are specifically designed to impact a predetermined metric.

You might build b2b growth marketing programs that are designed to improve landing page conversion from 4% to 10%, or to improve email open rates by 5%, or to improve the number of paid accounts created each month from 100 to 150.

There is an endless list of growth experiments that could be run, the point is you set a goal, and then build b2b marketing programs to impact that specific metric.

In theory, this makes a lot of sense.

In practice, it changes the way b2b marketers market by making it more about near term growth, and less about making emotional connections, building longterm relationships, thought leadership, education, delivering value, etc.

Marketing is about understanding people.

And, while marketing needs to tie back to business results, reducing it down to a set of experiments to move the needle on conversion metrics is a very narrow and shortsighted view of b2b marketing.

When done well, all marketing is growth marketing.

Here are some resources to help you move away from the traditional b2b growth marketing mindset and start building longterm, sustainable marketing programs that are designed to deliver amazing experiences to your target customer.

The Best Growth Marketing

If you’re thinking to yourself, these don’t look like growth marketing tactics. Well … thats because they’re not intended to be the typical hacks you’d see for short term improvements to funnel metrics. Instead these are longterm, sustainable strategies that will lead you to better understand your customer, connect your b2b marketing back to product, and design experiences that drive sustainable growth.

As I said before, marketing is about people.

When crafting a marketing strategy or campaign start there. Gain a deep understanding of your customer, connect that to your product and how it can help them, and design programs that add value.

Always add value.

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